Your guide to the best (and cheapest) diaper deals!

Did you know that the average baby uses more than 2500 diapers a year and will probably take at least three years before they don’t need nappies or diapers anymore?

Thats a huge expense so it makes sense get the best deals.  Why throw money away just because you didnt know how to get the best deals?   You can still buy your favourite brand, you’ll just know the best place to buy from!!shutterstock_224489104

First … STOP buying from retail stores.  Sorry to say this as we love retail but sadly Walmart, Target and pharmacies all charge far too much for their diapers.

Second … DON’T fall for the cheapskate online diaper stores. The quality is usually shoddy and you dont need nappies that dont fit, fall off or worse still, contribute to nappy rash!

We love Amazon for a number of reasons. There all the usual buyer protection in place plus you can get an extra 20% off the price with Amazon Family and Prime memberships.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Keep an eye on this page for all the best deals.

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